Reciprocal Link Checker

Reciprocal Link Checker is a great way to see if specific sites are linking to your site. It helps you to keep check of your reciprocal links to be sure that your links have not been removed.




What is a Reciprocal Link ?

A reciprocal link is a type of link exchange between two websites, where each website places a link to the other on their own site. Reciprocal linking was once a popular tactic for improving search engine rankings, but it has since fallen out of favor due to changes in search engine algorithms and the potential for reciprocal linking schemes to be seen as manipulative or spammy. Some search engines may even penalize websites that engage in excessive reciprocal linking or link schemes.

However, reciprocal linking can still be a useful way to build relationships and drive traffic between related websites, as long as it is done in a natural and authentic way, with a focus on providing value to users.

Why do you need it?

As part of SEO effort, many brands offer guest posts to other sites to obtain a backlink to their site. Alternatively, a link exchange is a popular method to obtain backlinks to their website by agreeing to trade links between 2-party or 3-party exchange. For whatever reason, if you expect to have a backlink to your website from a particular web page; you may use this reciprocal link checker to test whether the other party indeed offer a backlink to your site.

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