Who is hosting a website?

Who is Hosting a Website?

Interested in learning who is hosting your (or anyone's) website? Get information about the IP address of the website, name servers, and the web hosting provider.

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You may enter a domain name (i.e. iplocation.net) or an IP address. Preceeding http:// or https:// will be automatically filtered.

How do you manually find a web host?

If you wish to search manually, you can find out who is hosting a website by using the following procedure:

  1. Whois Lookup: Use a Whois lookup tool, such as whois.godaddy.com or whois.domaintools.com, to find the registrar and the name server information for a website. The registrar is typically the company that registered the domain name, while the name server is where the DNS records are assigned for the domain.
  2. Checking the website's DNS records: You may use our online DNS Lookup tool to query DNS records for the domain name. You may also use the "nslookup" command on Windows or Linux, and examine the A or CNAME records for the domain or www subdomain name.
  3. IP Lookup: Once you find the IP address of the domain's A record, you may use our IP Lookup tool to find ISP or Organization who owns the IP address. The company who own's the IP address of your domain is your web host.

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