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This free tool allows you to trace the URL without actually clicking on the links. Scammers and hackers are sending malicious links to users in the hope of tricking them to click on it. Clicking on a malicious link could potentially infect your computer with a virus or malware, and also lead you to land on a fake website where they want to collect your private data.

You may use this tool to arrive at the final URL without clicking on the suspicious or shortened links.

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Why do you need the URL Redirect Tracker?

A URL redirect tracker is a tool used to track and monitor URL redirects on a website. Here are some reasons why you might need a URL redirect tracker:

  1. Broken links: URL redirect trackers can help you identify broken links on your website that are redirecting to the wrong destination or not redirecting at all. By identifying broken links, you can fix them and ensure that visitors to your site can access the content they are looking for. You may use our broken link checker tool to identify broken links on your website.
  2. SEO: URL redirects can affect your website's search engine optimization (SEO). A URL redirect tracker can help you identify redirect chains or loops that could negatively impact your website's ranking in search results.
  3. User experience: If your website has a lot of URL redirects, it can negatively impact the user experience. A URL redirect tracker can help you identify redirect loops or slow redirect times, which can frustrate users and cause them to leave your website.
  4. Analytics: A URL redirect tracker can help you monitor and analyze website traffic that comes from redirected links. By understanding how users are interacting with your website, you can make more informed decisions about how to optimize your website for better user engagement and conversion.


A URL redirect tracker can help you identify and fix issues with URL redirects on your website, improve your website's search engine optimization and user experience, and provide valuable insights into your website's traffic and performance.

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