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Online NS Lookup tool queries DNS servers to lookup the NS (Name Server) records for the specified domain name. The NS records show the primary name servers for the domain name.

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Why do you need NS Lookup?

NS lookup (Name Server lookup) is a network administration tool used to determine the name servers associated with a specific domain name. NS lookup can be used to find the authoritative name servers for a domain, which are responsible for mapping domain names to IP addresses.

The NS lookup process involves sending a query to a DNS server to retrieve information about the name servers for a specific domain. This information is returned in the form of a DNS record, which lists the name servers for the domain, along with their IP addresses.

NS lookup can be performed using various tools, including the "nslookup" command line tool on Windows and Linux, or by using graphical user interfaces such as the Network Utility tool on macOS. You may also use dig command-line Linux tool to learn more about the DNS records.

NS lookups are useful for troubleshooting DNS issues, verifying the configuration of a domain's name servers, and for verifying the integrity of DNS records. You may also use our DNS Lookup tool to query other DNS records including Name Server (NS) records.

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