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Lookup a DNS for the IP address assigned to a hostname. This is known as the forward DNS lookup. Please enter a fully qualified domain name you wish to search IP address for.

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What is Hostname to IP Address Lookup?

Hostname to IP address lookup, also known as forward DNS lookup, is a process used to determine the IP address associated with a given hostname. This is done using the Domain Name System (DNS), which is a decentralized system that maps domain names and hostnames to IP addresses.

A forward DNS lookup begins when a client, such as a web browser, needs to access a particular host on the Internet. The client sends a request to a DNS server, asking for the IP address associated with a particular hostname. The DNS server then performs a series of queries to other DNS servers to resolve the hostname to an IP address.

Once the IP address is obtained, the client can then use the IP address to establish a network connection with the host and access the desired service. This process is typically transparent to the user, as the DNS system resolves the hostname to an IP address in the background.

Forward DNS lookups are performed using a type of DNS record called an A (Address) record, which maps a hostname to an IP address. The A record is stored in a forward DNS zone, which is organized into a hierarchical tree structure, with each node in the tree representing a different portion of the domain name space.

In addition to A records, there are several other types of DNS records that are used for different purposes, such as mapping hostnames to mail servers (MX), defining alias hostnames (CNAME), and providing information about services. The combination of these different record types allows the DNS system to provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure for mapping hostnames to IP addresses and other information.

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