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Example: (abc|xyz)*[:\-] (Please do not enter a separater, i.e. '/(abc|xyz)*[:\-]/i')

What is the regular expression?

A regular expression is a pattern used in a scripting languages such as the Sed, Awk, PHP, Perl, Bash and other programming languages to match subject string. It is used to search a string (or text) to match all occurances of a pattern, and allows it to act on it (i.e. replace with another string).


A regular expression uses a pattern to match a string. There are literal characters which matches exact character, and wildcard characters that matches a variety of characters. Also, there are symbols that match number of occurances (?, + and *). To give you a flavor of how regular expression works, here are some concepts used to match a text.

Meta Character Operation Example Description
| Or apple|orange|pear Matches apple, orange, or pear
() Group gr(a|e)y Matches grey or gray
. Any char a.c Matches abc, adc, aMc
? 0 or 1 occurance colou?r Matches color or colour
* 0 or more occurance xyz* Matches xy, xyz, xyzz
+ 1 or more occurance xyz+ Matches xyz, xyzz, xyzzz
- Range with bracket [a-z] Matches a, b, through z
[] Or 1 character [abc] Matches a, b or c
[^ ] Not contained [abc] Matches any char but a, b or c
^ Beginning of string ^abc Matches starting with abc
$ End of string xyz$ Matches string ending xyz
\t Tab \t Matches tab
\n New Line \n Matches new line
\n, n=1..9 Match nth item (abc|xyz)\1 Matches abcabc, abcxyz
{n}, n=1..9 match n times a{3} Matches aaa

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