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The conversion from pixels (px) to em units in web design and typography is based on the concept of relative sizing. Although "px" is not fixed size, it represents a number of dots in a given fonts. The "em" on the other hand represents a relative unit of measurement.

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What is base pixel size?

In em unit, the base is the value of its parent's font-size. More information about this below.

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PX ↔︎ EM conversion tables
Pixels EM
1px 0.063em
2px 0.125em
3px 0.188em
6px 0.375em
8px 0.5em
10px 0.625em
12px 0.75em
14px 0.875em
16px 1em
18px 1.125em
20px 1.25em
25px 1.563em
28px 1.75em
32px 2em
36px 2.25em
40px 2.5em
44px 2.75em
50px 3.125em
56px 3.5em
64px 4em
75px 4.688em
80px 5em
90px 5.625em
100px 6.25em
EM Pixels
0.01em 0.16px
0.05em 0.8px
0.08em 1.28px
0.1em 1.6px
0.15em 2.4px
0.2em 3.2px
0.5em 8px
1em 16px
2em 32px
3em 48px
4em 64px
5em 80px
6em 96px
8em 128px
10em 160px
15em 240px
20em 320px
30em 480px
40em 640px
50em 800px
60em 960px
70em 1120px
80em 1280px
100em 1600px

What are PX and EM in fonts?

The "px" is an abbreviation for "pixels". Pixels are the smallest unit of measurement for displaying digital content on screens, such as computer monitors, smartphones, and tablets. A pixel is a dot that can emit light of a specific color. These pixels are arranged in a grid to form images, text, and graphics on your screen. 16px represents 16 pixels x 16 pixels of a font size.

The "em" unit is a relative unit of measurement in CSS that is typically used for setting text on a web page. It is relative to the font size of the parent element. If default font size of the webpage is 16 pixels, then 1em = 16px.

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