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Electric power can be represented in dBm and Watt, and this online power conversion tool will convert dBm-to-Watts and Watt-to-dBm. Watt (W) can be used to measure electric power in SI units. dBm can also be used for power measurement.

The dBm is known as the decibel-milliwatts, and it is a dimensionless unit that can be used to measure signal strength (power level) with reference to one milliwatt. The power level of 0 dBm is 1 milliwatt.

Signal strength (power) can be expressed in dBm. As an example, 10 mW equals 10 dBm and 1 KW equals 60 dBm. The decibel unit representation uses a relative unit of measurement, and makes it easier to represent very small to very large value in small increments.

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