Credit Card IIN/BIN Lookup

Credit card numbers are comprised of 16-digits (Visa, Master and Discover), and 15-digits for American Express (AMX). Others may have 14-digits (Diners Club) or 12 to 19-digits for Maestro cards. The credit card numbers are divided into Issuer Identification Number (IIN) and Account Identification Number (AIN). IIN used to be known as Bank Identification Number (BIN), and the first 6 to 8-digit numbers represents IIN. By looking at the IIN, you'll be able to find card type, brand, and bank who issued the credit card.

What is the IIN/BIN Number?

The Issuer Identifier Number (IIN) or formally known Bank Identifier Number (BIN) is comprised of 6-digit numbers, including the first digit represents the Major Industry Identifier (MII). The IIN tells us which credit card company issued the card, and what network it belongs to. Most popular MII identifiers are:

MII Brand Name Length Notes
3 American Express 15 Starts with 34 or 37
3 Diners Club 14 Starts with 36 or 38
4 Visa Card 16
5 Master Card 16
6 Discover Card 16 Starts with 65, 644, 6011

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