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Do you need to craete a HTML mailto anchor tag that prepopulates mail attributes, but can't remember the syntax? Use our HTML mailto generator tool to create a template for anchor tag for your email. HTML mailto tag will allows a user to click on a link, and the link will open a default email client application on user's computer.


What is HTML Mailto Generator?

An HTML mailto generator tool is a utility that helps you create HTML code for mailto links for your webpage. A mailto link is a type of hyperlink that, when clicked, opens the default email client on the user's device and populates the "To" field with the email address specified in the link. This allows users to quickly compose an email to the specified address without having to manually copy and paste it.

Our HTML mailto generator tool provides a user-friendly interface where you can input the recipient's to, cc and bcc email addresses, subject, and the body of the email. Once you fill in the required information, the tool generates the corresponding HTML code for the mailto link.

The generated HTML code usually follows the structure of an anchor tag with the href attribute set to "mailto:" followed by the email address. Additional attributes like "subject" and "body" are appended to the mailto link to pre-fill the subject and body of the email when the user's email client opens.

Using an HTML mailto generator tool can be especially helpful for creating email links on HTML email templates, as it ensures the correct syntax and parameters are used for the mailto links. This makes it easier fusers to contact you via email directly from your website.

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