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What is HTML List?

HTML is the markup language used to crete web pages. Much like word processor applications, HTML allows a user to create a list by using a special markup elements. There are two types of list: Ordered List (<OL> </OL>), and Unordered List (<UL> </UL>). Each List Item is enclosed in the <LI> </LI> tags.

In addition to Ordered and Unordered lists, there is a less popular Definition List. The definition list is created using the (<DL> </DL>) tags. In the Definition List, we can have Definition (<DD> </DD>) and Term (<DT> </DT>) using the tags enclosed.

The HTML List is used to style the HTML document, and provide a way to organize the content in a more logical way.

You can easily use our HTML List generator tool to format the plain text into a HTML list without manually inserting necessary tags. You may also use our Text to HTML Converter tool to convert an entire text document into a HTML document.

The data that you entered into this online tool is not logged nor accessiable in any forms. We only use the text to generate the formatted HTML list, and do not store them in our server. You are safe to use this tool, and your data will be safeguarded from prying eyes.

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