DKIM Validator

DKIM is one of the email authentication system used to validate the sender is indeed authorized to send email on behalf of the domain. Use our DKIM validator to validate the DKIM selector for the domain name.

What is DKIM Record?

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a method of email authentication that helps ensure that an email message has not been altered during transit. It works by using a digital signature that is attached to the email and verified by the recipient's email server.

A DKIM record is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record that contains information about the public key used to encrypt the digital signature. The DKIM record is stored in the domain's DNS zone and is used by the recipient's email server to verify the authenticity of the email message.

When an email is sent, the sender's email server generates a digital signature for the message and adds a DKIM-Signature header to the message. The recipient's email server then retrieves the public key from the DKIM record, decrypts the signature, and compares it to the message to ensure that it has not been altered.

By using DKIM, email senders can protect their domain's reputation and reduce the risk of their messages being marked as spam or rejected by recipient email servers.

What is DKIM Selector?

A DKIM selector is a component of the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) email authentication system. It is a tag that is added to the DKIM record in a domain's DNS (Domain Name System) zone.

The selector is used to identify which specific public key is associated with a particular email message. This allows multiple public keys to be associated with a single domain, each with a different selector, so that the domain owner can change the public key without affecting ongoing email communication.

For example, if a domain owner wants to change the public key used for DKIM, they can create a new selector and associate it with a new public key in the domain's DKIM record. When the new key is published, the domain owner can begin using it to sign outgoing emails, and the selector can be used to identify which key is being used.

In general, the selector is used to provide flexibility and versatility in the use of DKIM for email authentication. By allowing multiple selectors, a domain owner can use different public keys for different purposes, or can update their public keys as needed without disrupting their email communication.

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