Blood Sugar Converter

Blood sugar (glucose) levels are represented in either the UK or US standard units. UK Standard uses mmol/L, while US Standard uses mg/dL. Both sets of units measure concentration of glucose in our blood, and represents blood sugar level for diebetic patients.

Formula 1 mg/dL = 18 x mmol/L

What is difference between mmol/L and mg/dL?

We often use blood sugar test to diagnose dibetes, and there are 2 standards used globally. The USA standard uses mg/dL, and the "fasting" (before meal) blood sugar reading of 99mg/dL or lower is determined normal. A blood sugar levell of 100 ~ 125 mg/dL indicates prediabetes, and anything over 125 mg/dL indicates you're diabetes.

  • The mg/dL (Milligrams per deciliter) is the unit used in USA, and it measures concentration of glucose in the blood by milligram per deciliter (100 milliliter)
  • The mmol/L (Millimoles per liter) is the unit used in UK, and it measures contration of glucose in the blood by millimolar per liter.

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